Traffic Optimization

In this industry, you have to make every click count. To squeeze the most revenue out of every click possible, we have developed custom tools that allow us to optimize content and present it in the way that will be most desirable to the average surfer.

We also carefully choose complimentary offers that can either be bonus revenue on top of a join, or a sort of “save the sale” where a sale is made even if not for the primary content.

We are constantly building, tweaking and optimizing tours to convert better. Where feasible, we also offer a multitude of different tours so that affiliates can better match it to the tastes of their surfers. For instance, a surfer coming from a tube site would likely better respond to a tube tour. We have the flexibility to offer what is most likely to generate a sale.

There seems to be never ending debate about giving away too much or too little content to the surfer. The answer is actually unique to the site and this is another metric that we track and act upon. Perhaps a site gets better ratios with short trailers, perhaps photos only is what will sell the most. Maybe it is a combination or maybe it depends on the traffic so multiple tours are required.

The only way to get these answers is to carefully track and analyze traffic, which is something we do religiously.

We are also quite successful in our CAN-SPAM compliant mailing endeavors. Whether it be ex-members or double opt-ins from a free site, we market to these people through mail by crafting offers they are most likely to respond to.

Pricing is another metric that we keep a close eye on. While we cannot give away all of our secrets here, there are quite a few ways to get someone that is initially apprehensive to join if only they are presented a price they deem to be fair.

Rest assured that Stunner Media knows there is a certain cost to every click to a site and works tirelessly to squeeze as much revenue as possible out of that click.