Payment Processing

A site is not able to realize its true potential without a detailed payment processing scheme.

Not only does Stunner Media maintain relationships with all of the large third-party billers, we also have great relationships with alternative billers.

These relationships make it possible to bill just about anyone in the world using a method that is convenient to them. Potential members can choose to pay by credit card, phone, SMS, direct debit and more. Most of these options allow recurring billings for increased retention.

In addition to relationships with the billers, we also maintain our own gateway and merchant accounts.

Our cascade billing allows for a potential member to attempt their join through another biller (or our merchant account) should they receive a decline. The cascade will continue until all billing options have been exhausted, which usually means that the error is on cardholders side and likely due to insufficient funds or some type of block.

Since each third-party billing company has its own processing rules, it would be foolish to entrust your entire business to just one.

Simply put, Stunner Media will make sure that every opportunity to join is provided before turning a potential member away.