Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) are typically only used by the larger companies in our industry. Being a larger company ourselves, we maintain an extensive CDN with edge servers around the world.

According to PCMag, a CDN is defined as: A distribution system on the Internet that accelerates the delivery of Web pages, audio, video and other Internet-based content to users around the world. The CDN replicates the content provider’s files in servers, called “caching servers” or “edge servers,” located in geographically dispersed datacenters.

The origin servers, located in Chicago, are where we upload your content to be seeded to the edge servers. Once there, the content is duplicated to datacenters around the world, where we also house servers. Since most websites are hosted in the United States, users in North America will not notice the lag that others around the world will when a company serves content from a single datacenter.

If you own a site that streams video and only use a datacenter in Texas, surfers in Eastern Europe are going to experience slower load and play times, with buffering being a common occurrence. With our CDN, rather than connecting to a datacenter in the US, they will connect to one in Europe, which is much closer to them. This will allow for almost instant loading and minimal, if any, buffering. In fact, if the video does buffer, it is usually the limitations of their own ISP and not our inability to serve content quickly enough.

By partnering with Stunner Media, you will have instant access to our worldwide digital footprint with our blazing fast CDN. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to learn more!

If you are up for a bit more reading, we explain our CDN in more detail in a blog post.