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What are the advantages of having a custom CMS?

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In our industry, the off-the-shelf content management systems (CMS) usually have some great features, but rarely do they have the latest and greatest. If you read the boards, you will see occasional complaints about lack of support, needing new features, etc.

Sure, you can usually pay them to add a feature on, but it is most likely our own custom CSM already has it or can in a matter of a few days. It would not make sense for us to charge you for it if you idea betters our entire network.

A content management system is what a member sees when they log in. Although we are currently getting to roll out v3 of our own custom solution, currently members can stream videos or download them in multiple formats (pretty common), but they can also have playlists, favorites, etc. The advance search features allows them to effortlessly drill down to the content that they want. A great search function is usually missing in off-the-shelf CMS’ and while we have always had the best search capabilities, they are going to get even better in v3.

Since it is custom, members areas on CMS look different than they do elsewhere and members really appreciate that. With roughly a half dozen companies out there still making solutions for thousands of sites, members areas can become quite stale. Ours never becomes stale because we are constantly improving it, while thinking about the next major version overhaul.

Curious to know more? Check out our Custom CMS services page or reach out to us if you want to take it for a spin or see what is under the hood.

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On juillet 18, 2013
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