Today, Stunner Media is probably best known for the eight affiliate programs it manages.

For affiliate tracking, we use NATS 4.1, the standalone affiliate program solution most trusted by affiliates and program owners alike. Through NATS, we can track each and every click, down to its origin. Its advance reporting allows us to have a birds eye view of all incoming traffic so that we can optimize it for maximum revenues.

We also offer a broad range of payment processing solutions, which allow affiliates to sell more memberships.

By partnering with Stunner, you can rest assured knowing that the affiliate management component of your business is ethically and professionally managed. In addition to tracking, we take care of all payments and nurture affiliate relationships.

Speaking of affiliates, we have a base of thousands that include the largest sites on the Internet. Our in-house affiliate managers work hard to win as much of the affiliates traffic as possible. Whether it be custom creatives, lending a helping hand, offering some timely advice – or anything else – our affiliate managers are second to none.

An affiliate program is worthless without offering great tools meant to capture the surfers eye and lead them to the site. For each site in our programs, all updates receive tools inclusive of photo content zips, detailed descriptions, multiple tube clips that are both two and five minutes long, collages and more. Our in-house design team also creates amazing banners, both static and animated. There are also Flash video banners that are sure to grab the surfers attention. Page peels are a great converting but often overlooked tool, but do not worry, we have our partners covered there as well. Finally, we offer morphing RSS feeds that allow affiliates to keep their sites updated with minimal effort.

Of course, all of this is meaningless if the affiliate is not aware of what is available to them. We send a custom newsletter each week to the affiliates of each program with the latest updates and the tools they need to promote it.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to affiliate program management and it becomes quite obvious when our partners look at their bottom line. By pairing our affiliate management with our site management, you will gain an advantages few of your competitors have.