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42,952,490 Minutes

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Earlier this week I did a survey to tally the years of experience our team has for a refresh of our about us page. I was shocked to discover that combined, our team has over 70 years of online marketing experience.

Because my brain works in mysterious ways, the song Seasons of Love from RENT popped into my mind. This prompted me to break down how many minutes of experience everyone has:

Over 42,952,490 Minutes

Just for fun, that is over 2.5 billion seconds.

I may be a bit partial, but that number seems pretty amazing for a company in an industry that many would consider to be in its infancy. Even just 15 years ago the majority of homes did not have Internet. Now we cannot live without it.

Why not put some of our experience to work for you? Check out our services to get a feel for what we do and then reach out to us to discuss the possibilities.


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On juillet 20, 2013

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