Stunner Media, Inc. was founded in August, 2003 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

We started as a feeds company and after recognizing an unfilled need in a particular niche, we opened our first affiliate program in 2008. In just a few short years, our network has grown to over 130 sites and eight affiliate programs. It was in 2010 that we entered our first management deal to oversee the website and affiliate operations of a well-respected brand. The success of that initial partnership inspired us to seek out additional partners. As of July 2013, Stunner Media is partnered with eight companies in similar management deals. We look forward to not only continuing the growth of our own brands, but those of our current partners as well as any company we may link up with in the future.

In January 2012, we made our largest acquisition to date, purchasing four well known affiliate programs from a single owner. In addition to the four that we already owned, this brought the total up to the eight programs we have today.

Combined, our team has over 70 years of experience in online marketing. While many of our people work out of our Montreal headquarters, we have team members spread over five countries and three continents.

We have experienced tremendous growth over the last few years and look forward to keeping the momentum going in the years to come.